Executive Coaching Testimonials

Director of Marketing 
Fortune 500 Consumer Healthcare Company 

Ken Giglio helped me become a better leader in a number of ways. First, he helped me understand, beyond a superficial level, my true strengths and my development needs and how they both manifest themselves in my day-to-day behavior. Second, Ken helped me understand the value of “present moment awareness,” which has helped me become a better listener and allows me to engage more charismatically with my audience. Third, he helped me sharpen my executive networking skills using techniques that I was comfortable with. Finally, but most important, Ken helped me find my own unique leadership style rather than trying to become someone I am not.

Vice President – Revenue Management & Analytics
Fortune 500 Consumer Services/Hospitality Company 

What I’ve gained from my executive coaching sessions with Ken has now become part of my daily leadership arsenal for my interactions with superiors, peers, and subordinates alike. The communication skills I’ve developed through coaching have made me a more effective leader, especially in bringing people together and keeping them engaged in fruitful dialogue. In this industry, strong executive networking skills are indispensable for generating strategic partnership opportunities. Ken has guided me to take advantage of such opportunities by helping me increase my present moment awareness and my leadership presence, which has markedly enhanced my skills in dialogue. In summary, Ken’s coaching has led me to develop and practice a truly ‘resonant’ leadership style.